Postpartum Rage Is More Common Than You Think

The nine months of waiting are finally over. The baby showers are behind you, mother and mother-law have gone home, visitors have left, and you are finally alone with your little bundle of joy. Of course you have heard of the baby blues and how those raging hormones can affect a new mom, but you have never heard about the anger and erupting rage you are feeling. It scares you. Postpartum rage is more common than you think.

It’s More Than Postpartum Depression

Postpartum rage is related to depression and anxiety after childbirth, but it is a different animal. It’s not feeling sad or anxious or crying a lot. It’s not wanting to sleep all day, although you could have any of those emotions too. It’s more like an uncontrollable anger building up in you. You are angry at life, at your partner, at your situation, and you don’t even know what else.woman upset holding baby.

You want to scream, yell, throw something, curse, and nothing will relieve the feeling of irritability that occurs with every little thing. This isn’t the way it is supposed to be. You were never this way before. You snap at your partner for no real reason, and each new day is a burden, not a happy adventure with your child.

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What Causes Postpartum Rage?

No one is really sure what leads to postpartum rage. Just know that it’s not your fault. In fact, 22% of new mothers can have a mood disorder. There may be contributing factors out of your control causing it.

Risk factors for developing postpartum rage can be:

  • A family history of postpartum depression (PPD) or postpartum anxiety (PPA)
  • A severe drop in estrogen and progesterone
  • You had postpartum depression with another child
  • Not having a support system in place
  • The birth was traumatic
  • Not getting enough sleep

Talking With Your OBGYN About Postpartum Rage

This is not the time to hide or feel ashamed. Talk to our expert OBGYNs about your feelings of rage and anger. They are not going to judge you; they just want to help, and the good news is there are treatments that work.

Medications, therapy, or a combination of both are commonly recommended. 

In the meantime, prioritize yourself.

  • Work out a plan with your partner so you can get more sleep.
  • Be sure to eat nutritious foods.
  • Get back to some moderate exercise like even walking.
  • Most importantly, allow people to help you.

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