Obstetrical Care in Silver Spring and Germantown, MD

Our philosophy is very simple: “Healthy Baby…Healthy Mother” …always emphasizing a very personal, individualized approach to your Obstetrical Care.

Note: Please be advised, all deliveries at Holy Cross Silver Spring. You can still be seen in our Germantown office for routine ob visits and sonograms as well as well woman exams and all gynecologic visits.

First Trimester

Once you have determined you are pregnant, you will be scheduled for “an initial obstetrical visit” as soon as possible. At this visit a sonogram will be performed in our office to help determine a “due date” and confirm the pregnancy is developing normally.

You will also meet with one of our doctors for an extended consultation to review your medical, gynecologic and family history to help outline the individualized care you will receive during your pregnancy.

Routine and special blood tests will be performed, along with the offering of early, non-invasive genetic screening to evaluate your baby’s risk of having a condition that may impact his/her health.
You can see a copy of the information that will be given to you at your initial visit in the collection of documents titled PATIENT PACK.

Second Trimester

This generally is an easier time during the pregnancy. Patients usually feel well and maintain their normal activity. You will be seen every month at this time in your pregnancy.

At 20 weeks, we perform a comprehensive sonogram in our office to evaluate the baby’s entire anatomy to ensure that is developing normally. If the baby is in the correct position we can see the gender of the baby, if you desire to know.

Other tests, such as screening for diabetes and spina bifida, a spinal defect, may be performed. You will also be given information of Stem Cell Cord Banking and guidance on what will happen as you enter the last trimester of your pregnancy.

EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT – We listen to your concerns and will work together for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Third Trimester

At 28 weeks of your pregnancy, a blood test is performed to screen for anemia and diabetes. You are seen every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, when you will be seen weekly.

During this time, another sonogram is performed to determine the exact position, growth and general overall health of your baby. A vaginal culture will be taken to screen for a bacteria called Group B Strep which could effect your baby in labor.

During these visits we are happy to discuss YOUR delivery plan.

Resources for New Mothers

The expertly trained obstetricians at Captial Women’s Care have provided this list of resources to help new mothers and parents address common questions and concerns.

Now Available

  • Childbirth Education Classes
  • Baby and Infant Care and Infant CPR
  • Breastfeeding

Stork Childbirth Education

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